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Why choose Medical Outsource Solutions, Inc.?

In House


Staffing problems and high turnover

MOS, Inc.


Knowledgeable, highly trained employees with specialty expertise in medical billing for rehabilitation therapy. Our staff members have access to extensive resources and are cross-trained and flexible so we can reallocate resources as necessary to accommodate any type of situation that may arise.

Other Billing Companies


Departmentalized staff with no cross-training

Growth limitation

MOS, Inc. services can grow with your practice without the additional costs associated with expansion and upgrades

Often charge for additional professional staff or higher volume

High cost of software updates, maintenance and lagging technology

We use our customized software and utilize the latest technology

Software not designed specifically for physical, occupational or speech therapy

Difficulty keeping abreast of industry rules, regulations and changes

MOS, Inc. has access to the most updated information regarding rules, regulations, legislation and changes within the industry. Often we are the first to inform you

Staff not trained or versed in physical, occupational or speech therapy billing

Outdated processes and practices, one-way/boxed-in thinking

Progressive and innovative thinking and problem solving from our skilled team using over 25 years of collective experience and knowledge

No customization to suit your needs

Limited access to meaningful data

Comprehensive practice management reporting gives you immediate insight to help you manage your practice

One size fits all mentality

Content with status quo and less motivated to grow or expand the practice

When you succeed, we succeed. You can focus on what you do best: treat patients. And we'll do what we do best: billing, management and reducing accounts receivable

Greater focus on increasing their revenue rather than yours