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At MOS, Inc. our goal has always been and will always be to provide a superior service and cost less than an in-house service. Our trained staff works closely with our clients and their staff to help them understand how their actions affect the bottom line of their practice. We understand the importance and financial impact of clear communication and consistency.



Patient Information

We will provide your staff with forms designed specifically for your practice so they can accurately obtain patient demographics and information. We will educate your staff on understanding and interpreting this patient information. Once the information is received your staff can work closely with the patient to correctly identify and explain their benefits and financial responsibility. A well informed patient will have a higher patient satisfaction rating.


Correct Coding

We work closely with your staff to identify the reporting of treatment by understanding the CPT codes and the importance of documentation. We will not tell you how to treat your patients or how to bill, but we will provide you with the tools and information to maximize your reimbursement. We make certain that claims are submitted correctly the first time to reduce turn-around time.


Claims Submission

Our trained and experienced staff at MOS, Inc. will review billing for accuracy. We will prepare and send insurance claims using current and correct CPT coding. We send claims electronically as most insurance companies prioritize electronic claims, so we only send out paper claims when necessary. Claims are sent several times per week to maintain a healthy and consistent cash flow. We adhere to all HIPAA rules and regulations.



Insurance and patient payments are sent or deposited directly to your practice. Many insurance payers require you to receive your payments via Electronic Funds Transfer, EFT, with an electronic remittance advice, ERA. Payments and EOB’s received in your office are then sent by your staff to MOS, Inc. or uploaded to our secure portal to be posted. Our trained and experienced staff will review and verify accurate reimbursement and follow up accordingly.


Accounts Receivable & Denial Management

MOS, Inc. is dedicated to helping you increase your insurance and over the counter collections to reduce your accounts receivable. Denied or inaccurately processed claims are promptly addressed and resubmitted. Appropriate action and follow up will be taken to resolve the issue to assure you and your practice maintain low accounts receivable and improve cash flow.


Patient Statements

Patient balances are quickly identified and billed. We work closely with your staff to adopt and implement procedures that will improve your cash flow and decrease your bad debt. MOS, Inc. prepares patient statements, reviews them for accuracy and provides a process that gives you the opportunity to review patient statements before they are sent out.


Manage Constantly Changing Industry Rules and Regulations

Now more than ever it is important to stay on top of the ever changing rules and regulations in today’s medical claims world. Our staff is vigilant and trained to stay informed and on top of all changing reimbursement issues to ensure accuracy and compliance.



Practice management data, graphs and reports are provided on a monthly basis to help you effectively manage and market your practice. This information includes total charges, total payments, aging report, referring physician reports, total visits, total new patients and total cancellations and individual therapist productivity.


EMR Integration and Secure Portal

MOS, Inc. has the ability to integrate with WebPT and other EMR programs. Transferring information can be easily done via your EMR program or simply by uploading your data through our secure HIPAA compliant portal.


Patient Satisfaction

MOS, Inc. handles all patient inquires with the highest level of professionalism and customer service to create overall patient satisfaction. We provide individually designed forms that inform the patient of their responsibility when they begin treatment. We want to avoid any unexpected surprises in the end. A well informed patient has a higher patient satisfaction rating than a misinformed patient. These patients will be more likely to return to your practice in the future, recommend your practice and give a good report to their referring physician.


Training Manual

MOS, Inc. will prepare forms that are customized for your practice. These forms are designed to provide the patient with proper advance notice of your policies and procedures. Your office will be given a manual with master copies of these forms as well as daily and monthly procedures to follow. Along with the forms will be reference material such as CPT codes and descriptions and billing information. This is a great tool and will save time and energy on training new staff.


Practice Start-Up

MOS, Inc. has successfully helped many providers start up their practice and begin billing their patients by setting up proper procedures and policies from the beginning. When you launch a practice utilizing our services, you save time, energy and dollars. You will not have to make a costly investment in a billing program and equipment and will be spared the headaches and high cost of maintenance and updates. Forms are specifically designed for your practice and your staff will be given policies and procedures to follow.