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Frequently Asked Questions



What are the advantages to outsourcing?
You spend less time keeping up with changes and regulations and can make better use of your time providing excellent patient care and managing your practice. Outsourcing will allow you to focus on treating patients and running your business. You will reduce your overhead and lower your operating costs by eliminating the expense of purchasing hardware and software programs, maintaining that equipment and paying for software updates. You will also reduce payroll expenses such as employee medical benefits, vacation and sick pay. Our staff is dedicated to staying informed, and we provide continuing education so we can stay on top of the nonstop changes within the industry.


Will MOS, Inc. increase my revenue?
We will provide training on the proper use of CPT codes to maximize your reimbursement. We will review your charges for accuracy and send out claims correctly the first time using current and correct coding. We will continually educate and train your staff on the appropriate use of CPT codes. Not having to manage your billing staff will give you more time to treat patients.


How do we get information to you?
MOS, Inc. receives information via scanning, fax or mail. Scanning is the most efficient method of transferring data and will save you the cost of postage. Once the paper files are scanned we provide our clients with a secured FTPS portal to upload the digital image to us instantly. All email communications coming from our office are encrypted using high-grade, secure 128-Bit SSL connections.


Do you integrate with EMR programs?
Yes, we integrate with WebPT and other EMR programs. Information can be obtained directly from your EMR program, no need to send patient information, billing information or medical records.


Is my data secure?
Yes, your data is secure. We strictly adhere to HIPAA regulations. Your data is backed up on multiple storage devices locally and off-site. All access to data is password protected and limited to user privilege control.


Is your email communication secured?
All email communications coming from our office are encrypted using high-grade, secure 128-Bit SSL connections.


Who does insurance verifications and authorizations?
Your staff will be given forms specifically designed for your individual practice. Instructions will be provided to follow when verifying benefits and eligibility. Information is then prepared for the patient, informing them of their financial responsibility, and forwarded to MOS, Inc.


Do you transmit claims electronically?
Yes, we send claims electronically to those that have the capability. Over 90% of claims are sent electronically. Our system will scrub the claims for accuracy and allow us to make fast corrections so the claim goes out correct the first time. Paper claims are sent when necessary.


Where do my payments go?
To you; All payments collected go directly to you either by mail or EFT. You deposit the checks. Your office then sends us copies of the checks and EOB’s along with patient payments. This can be sent via fax, mail or can be done instantly via our secure portal.


How do you keep up with the constant changes within the industry?
MOS, Inc. staff regularly attend seminars, webinars and educational training on an ongoing basis. Because we specialize in rehabilitation billing, it is crucial that we stay informed of the ever changing rules and regulations within the industry. We then pass along the information to our clients, so they too can stay informed.


How does MOS, Inc. get paid for their service?
MOS, Inc. gets paid only when you get paid. We are paid based on a set percentage of your monthly collections. At the end of the month we will bill you for our services based on the collections for that month. Remember, if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid, so there is a shared risk and responsibility